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oil on canvas


Keith Alway is a West Coast-based artist who paints primarily with oils and acrylics. He uses fascinating wildlife as his subject matter. He is specifically noted for transforming his realistically painted animals into fetching creatures using unexpected bold and brilliant color combinations.  

As a graphic arts major and a graduate of California State University Long Beach, Keith worked first as a technical illustrator for the aerospace industry, then worked for 30 years as a medical illustrator, always fine-tuning his natural penchant for precision and detail with the paint brush. That meticulousness stayed with him as he entered the world of fine arts and wildlife painting.

Early on, he was drawn to  the works of Southwest artist John Nieto who excels as a contemporary fauvist painter. Keith believed he could apply Nieto's color principals to his own painted animals... yet hold fast to his ability to paint realistically. He states, "I never wanted to be known as another photo-realistic wildlife artist. It is the colors that give my animals character and vitality."


He has had a one-man show in Los Angeles and has frequently displayed at West Coast juried art shows as well as the Laguna Beach summer art festivals. 

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