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oil on canvas

Pet Portraits

Price & Size Guide

Welcome to my price and size guide for your commissioned pet portrait.

In order to secure a commission, a 50% deposit is required

9"x 12


11"x 14


12"x 12


12"x 16


16"x 16


*Please contact for prices on larger canvases or unusual sizes.*

How to Order

PHOTOS -  Please email your favorite photos of your pet. They must be clear photos showing the true fur color, good images of the eyes (clear and in focus), multiple photos preferred, capturing your pet's personality.

SIZE - Confirm the size you would like for your portrait.

SCHEDULE - Please indicate if you would like your portrait finished by a certain date. Allow at least 3 months lead time. In consideration of my backlog, I will confirm if your date is possible. 

DEPOSIT - Once the above is completed, a 50% deposit is needed to secure your request on my calendar. Deposits and payments should be paid through PayPal or Certified Bank Check. That's it! Your booking with me is then confirmed, and I look forward to painting your fabulous pet. Portraits of pets who have passed is a specialty.  BOOK A PORTRAIT TODAY!


TINO Oil on Canvas, 20x16


REX Oil on Canvas, 36x24


OSO ROOP Oil on Canvas, 13x19

Jesse 2_edited-

JESSE Oil on Canvas, 20x16


FRED Oil on Canvas, 36x24

Bulldog Ad Dog_edited-1

BUGSIE Oil on Canvas, 20x16


COOPER Oil on Canvas, 20x16


BARNEY Oil on Canvas, 20x16

Coco and Mario-001

MARIO & COCO Oil on Canvas, 30x24


BLUE Oil on Canvas, 36x24

Beagle Ad Dog

BERNIE Oil on Canvas, 20x16

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